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Peeta Mellark just signed my board. I can die in peace now (When I'm 100), knowing that Peeta Mellark, signed my board!

Peeta Mellark - The male tribute from District 12, who has secretly been in love with Katniss since they were children. His love for her is evident throughout the series. In Mockingjay, he is "hijacked" by the Capitol and turned against Katniss, but he recovers.

If Peeta Mellarks's smile doesn't melt your heart then your heart is stone.

Next time someone says Peeta Mellark is a weakling that doesn't do anything........ (they have death in store)

Peeta mellark catching fire

Gotta love Peeta Mellark... love this part... you can tell Katniss's feelings so well

Totally.. * le me currently hunting Peeta Mellark* OH PEETA, I'VE GOT SOME BREAD FOR YOU!!!!!

The baker’s son evolves into a key member of the Revolution… Peeta Mellark. #MockingjayPart2

Peeta Mellark /swoon he's one of those fictional characters I absolutely fell in love with and wish was real.