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Today, yesterday, tomorrow song. Change "Let's have fun" to "Time to learn."

Like when I was typing an essay at school and my science teacher was talking about extra credit so I typed "mechanical weathering is different from chemical weathering because extra credit".

Back with a Bang {a freebie and don't forget my giveaway!}

Relatable Post -- @Megan Lentz remember at soccer practice when we all put grass down each others shirts! Haha

Kids would do anything to get a star! I cried all the way home when I didn't earn a star from my Piano teacher!!

I think this quote will help me survive highschool

This what use to be taught in our schools | Even the report cards themselves…

Creamy orange "Push Up" popsicle! My favorite from the Ice Cream Truck!!!

Official Post from kibbitzer: GOTTA GO FAST. in the last months I'm drawing only 6 reference sheets because of SOCIAL LIFE you know..I'm moving and I have maaaaaaaaany people to hug..BUT THE NEXT MONTH I'LL DRAW MORE STUFF..something like personal stuff.BTW yesterday I was in my old art high school..I just wanted to give them