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Piano Notes...cheat sheet.

ORGAN The pipe organ is a big box of whistles. Each pipe sits on top of a hollow wind chest that is filled with compressed air provided by a bellows or blower. Each ‘stop’ at the organ console represents a set of pipes (a rank) of a particular tone color, with a different pipe for every note on the keyboard. Pulling the stop activates a slider under that specific set of pipes on the windchest, making them available as a sound-source. The wind chest also contains a series of valves…

piano... Oh to have room for this beauty in my house. That would be a dream

I would love to be in an orchestra and so that I can experience the music from within.

What I wouldn't give to tear it up on this beautiful instrument! Find local music schools at []

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"Schulz's Beethoven, Schroeder's Muse" "Peanuts" comic strip (Sunday, 1-25-1953) with the opening bars of Beethoven's "Hammerklavier" Sonata #29 (Op. 106) in final panel. Schroeder embarks on an intensive workout of 7 exercises: pushups, skipping rope, lifting barbells, touching toes, leg lifts, shadow boxing, jogging, and a bowl of cereal before tackling the "Mt. Everest of music". (Image: NY Times, 1-13-2009) (YouTube: Emil Gilels) This piece was part of the "Schulz's Beethoven…

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