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Asteroid Day, la giornata dedicata agli asteroidi. Le news e gli eventi da non perdere. News e Curiosità sul primo Evento di sensibilizzazione per la ricerca e monitoraggio dei corpi spaziali pericolosi

Missing Craters on Dwarf Planet Ceres Intrigue Scientists - NDTV

Searching for extraterrestrial intelligence by identifying alien atmospheric polluters

Surge nova abordagem para a procura de vida extraterrestre: detectar a poluição causada por ETs - OVNI Hoje!

2013's Best and Most Beautiful Photos of the Universe

The Milky Way's fountains of gas

'Blood moon' will be a sight to behold, weather permitting

On Tuesday, April 15, there will be a total lunar eclipse that will turn the moon a coppery red, NASA says. It's called a blood moon, and it...

MESSENGER’s receding view of Earth

NASA Missed The Huge Meteor That Just Hit Earth: “Definitely Not Something You See Every Day”

10 Moons Every Person Should Know

Thebe also known as Jupiter XIV, is the fourth of Jupiter's moons by distance from the planet. It was discovered by Stephen P. Synnott in images from the Voyager 1 space probe taken on March 5, 1979, while making its flyby of Jupiter.

NASA Studying Space Weather From Puerto Rico

NASA Studying Space Weather From Puerto Rico -- ScienceDaily