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We all feel that connection with the moon any time we look up at night, but we have been taught not to acknowledge it, that it is un-natural - this is a travesty. The Mother in her full moon guise and the Maiden/Crone in their crescent guises, call to our natural instincts, instilled in us during creation, we must listen. She (not the moon itself - but the Creative Source) is our Mother Creator & Father Creator, they exist - have always existed, will always exist.

Existe Sempre Um Lugar: Pequenos gestos

14 creative and funny examples of luggages and suitcases

I find these pictures in one list I subscribe to. I don't know where they originate from though.

Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Vincent Van Gogh - the yellow café. I have actually been here and eaten at this café. It exists in a small courtyard in l'Arles, France. It is amazing to step foot in a place that was painted by one of the world's most famous and historic painters.

We interact with a world of physical objects, but these are really just electrical signals being interpreted by the brain. At the smallest and most fundamental scales of nature, the idea of “physical reality” is non-existent.

101 Most Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die! (Part I)

Positano, Italy. The fact that places like these exist make me love life more and more ❤️

Jun 6 Sarah Blasko - All Of Me

Blossom road - imagine walking through this