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Queen Philippa of Hainault - kings-and-queens Photo

Godofredo de Bouillon é escolhido para rei de Jerusalém. Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz (1815 – 1894), 1838.

Portrait of King Charles I

As Cruzadas: Muçulmanos iniciaram violências e morticínios contra os peregrinos

Today I thought we’d spend some time with James II. I am rather fascinated by this gentleman whose character must have been markedly affected by the terrifying events of his adolescence. Being some...

Godofredo de Bouillon, estátua em Bouillon, Bélgica.

File:King Charles I after original by van Dyck.jpg

black templar - cross

Louise d'Orléan – On 3 April 1812 the daughter of Louis-Philippe d'Orléon, the last king of France, was born in Parlermo, Sicily. She became Queen of the Belgians in 1832. Her Husband Leopold I was the first King of the Belgians after the country's independency from the Netherlands in 1830. The couple had 4 children, amongst them: Empress Charlotte of Mexico. The shy Queen of the Belgians was know for her beauty and generosity. She died aged 38 in Ostende, Belgium.

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