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Linha D'Água Imagens Astronômicas: O Poder da Força Gravitacional das Galáxias

Linha D'Água Imagens Astronômicas: Nebulosa de Órion - Bela Inspiração

The Milky Way is the galaxy in which we currently reside. It is classed as a barred spiral galaxy, although this is actually fairly difficult to determine

Ganymede's Trailing Hemisphere | Earth Blog

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Nasa descobre nebulosa que brilha ao misturar gases e poeira de estrelas

Brincar de esconde-esconde numa nebulosa.

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ESO - eso1248e - Wide-field view of the Rho Ophiuchi star-forming region in visible light

A wide-field view of the star-forming region Rho Ophiuchi, which also contains two large, Class-B subgiant stars, classified ρ Oph A and ρ Oph B. It doesn't appear as bright as it could be, though, due to being enclosed in the dark nebula of the Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex. Use the code "VP20" during checkout at for 20% off all orders!

Galaxy NGC 7714 After Collision Image Credit: NASA, ESA; Acknowledgement: A. Gal-Yam (Weizmann Inst.)