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Coming this week (because! I like! big mugs! and I can not lie!)

They shrunk a bit but they're still pretty large. Definitely for people who like big mugs (and they can not lie).

Channeling my inner Bob Ross... "Happy mugs, happy little mugs!".

Still life with coffee (and HaldeCraft mug).

I have almost 40 of these left - seconds ones whose decals weren't quite as dark and even a couple dark ones from people who at the last minute didn't make it to the party. I'm thinking about going ahead and listing these at a super-discounted price (like $10 each) so if you want a HaldeCraft mug with a heck of a story...?

More (new) Call Box mugs I'm making to bring to the Big Bang Bazaar at the end of August! I had such high hopes for these - glazing them in different colors reflecting colors of the clothes the different Doctors wore... but I'm afraid my idea got the better of me. There's a lot of glaze splattering and issues... and I'm not as happy as I expected to be with these (which meant throwing new ones this week!). Back to the drawing board on a couple of these....! (Meanwhile the origina

I need a vacation so I can clean my studio. Also I need a bigger studio. Also I need a vacation. haldecraft's photo on Instagram

Sunrise, and one of my bluebird-decorated "Good Morning" mugs. I've made these mugs in yellow, green, and Pumpkin Spice... What color do you think I should try next? I was thinking of a smoky blue, and painting the bird red... #ceramics #mugshotmonday #sunrise #keystoneheights #florida

My three little derpy bowls from tonight's class. So different than slipcasting... AND SO MUCH FUN. I may have found a Brent wheel on Craigslist and might be buying it Sunday. ::shifty eyes:: | haldecraft's photo on Instagram