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Cathedral of St. John de Divine - NYC, US - 1892 - Byzantine Revival.

Places to see in ( Leon - Spain ) León a city on the Bernesga River in northwest Spain is the capital of the Province of León. Its home to many churches and cathedrals noted for their architecture and art. Among them is the Gothic 13th-century Catedral de Léon with its towers and flying buttresses. The Romanesque 10th-century Basílica de San Isidoro is known for its frescoes and royal tombs. León was revived by its incorporation into the Kingdom of Asturias. 910 saw the beginning of one…

Masjid Putrajaya, Malaysia

10 Incredible Modern Buildings that Became UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The architecture of houses of worship varies according to time and place, ranging from hilltop chapels built in the 10th century to geometric modernist designs of glass and steel.

This is the Hui Mosque in Ningxia, China. China is home to approximately 10.5 million Hui people, the majority of whom are Chinese-speaking practitioners of Islam. MashaAllah

2016 Year in Street Art on Fubiz – Fubiz Media

A bizarre architectural experiment Designed by architect Piet Blom, The Kubuswoningen is a popular tourist attraction in Rotterdam. As part of the #urban regeneration after the Second World War, the architect strived to dissolve the idea that houses should be recognizable. Inspired by the work of Le Corbusier, Blom elevated the houses to maximize public space. The entire project contains catering, shops and a parking. 7 lane blaak serve as a pedestrian bridge connecting the market to the…

Aquileias church is an extraordinary architecture by PierreAmato Aquileia (/ˌækwɪˈliːə/; Italian: [akwiˈlɛːja]; Friulian: Acuilee/Aquilee/Aquilea[1] Venetian: Aquiłeja/Aquiłegia German: Aglar Slovene: Oglej) is an ancient Roman city in Italy at the head of the Adriatic at the edge of the lagoons about 10 kilometres (6 mi) from the sea on the river Natiso (modern Natisone) the course of which has changed somewhat since Roman times. Today the city is small (about 3500 inhabitants) but it was…

Las 10 iglesias más grandes del mundo

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