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I'm just going to cry forever i can't deal with this anymore {5.08}

Has anyone ever bought anything<<< Oh my gosh. Okay wait, David's windmill in season 1.... Geppetto's clock? Zelena was going to buy something but then she just froze Belle and stole the nightlock, Hook broke in and stole Bae's cloak- OH WAIT! Henry bought something for Mary Margaret too!

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rumple and belle ^ I'm actually kinda happy that rumple and belle broke up and rumple left town bc I really hate him. at the scene when belle drove him away, I was just like "yes belle! you go and throw that lying idiot out of your life and out of that town!"

Oaken and Belle - 4 - 6 "Family Business."

Photo by stitchkingdom ONCE WINDOWS!

Once Upon a Time | Veja as primeiras fotos na quarta temporada ...

Roland - 4 * 1 7 "Heart of Gold"