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Explora Pulo Alto, Php e outros! you look at that, and tell me it doesn't take skill and talent and dedication to make THAT shit happen. horseback riding is a sport people, end of story.

Jump ! Raising herself, reaching out towards the prey, who may be the brazen crow who laughs behind her shoulder ….But it's a short jump then, inevitably, the fox will be back on the ground on its four legs.

Show Jumping


For the Moment and Lisa Jaquin. He won the AGA Horse of the Year at 21 years old! Gotta love Thoroughbreds!

A fraction of a second can be the difference between first and third place. These women's track spikes weigh in at a mere 4.8 ounces for speed straight to the finish line. They have SPRINTWEB support in the forefoot, a breathable mesh upper and heel protection. I THINK IM IN LOVE.

Joy. via kidpix Omar Rayyan

Washington International Horse Show Pictures

Equestrian Jumping

Knees a little sore after that landing?

Jumping horse - Oh how i loooove this :)