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e por falar em flores: http://heroina-alexandrelinhares.blogspot.com.br/2014/01/falando-em-flores.html

Alberto Giocometti, City Square. Doing something inspired by him with my Intro to Art students... something about journey, pathways, identity through movement is here.

J.Crew Gift Guide: women's lace peplum top.

Stitching is journaling. I learned a lot about stitching through my first love, collage. Everything is narrative. The cloth is the background, the stitches are the words.

Do you speak J.Crew? Mad hatter. Definition: lots of prints, one outfit. Always owning it. Style means something to us.

Jouetta Maue curated my first juried show with my embroideries. I love her work.

Strictly speaking, this is a quilt, but there's plenty of handstitching. Cross My Heart, Judy Martin, Ontario, Canada, 33" x 35", 2010

Mixed-media sculptor Anne Mondro says, “My creative work explores the physical and emotional complexity of the human body.” Using a crochet technique that uses thin-gauge wire, she crafts body parts such as a heart or lungs. While light in weight, the forms’ delicate appearance belie their own structural strength. They stand as elegant and ethereal forms that speak to the ghosts of our selves. The artists is currently a professor at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. In the video…

Maria La Rosa Lontra Espadrilles - #anthrofave

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