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Conheça os gatos gêmeos mais bonitos do mundo

Conheça Iriss e Abyss os gatos gêmeos mais bonitos do mundo. Esses dois gatos inseparáveis tem olhos heterocromáticos, isso significa que seu olhos tem cores diferentes. Por exemplo enquanto um olho pode ser verde ou marrom, o outro azul, ou algumas cores diferentes em um só olho.

Adorable Twin Cats Share the Most Beautiful Multi-Colored Pair of Eyes - My Modern Met

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Cat’s Eye glass stones are in many different colors and are not associated with any particular birthstone month. These stones are associated with the zodiac signs of “Gemini and Leo.” The cat’s eye bead name is derived from a phenomena displayed by the stone called “chatoyancy.” This is a French word meaning “cat’s eye.”

It’s so hyper-realistic, it looks ripped from a comic book: a stray cat treads the cobblestone road of Strasbourg, France, sieged by a bright moon, dark clouds and picturesque olden European homes. If the image looks too good to be true, that’s because it is; it’s a composite image, the trademark style of Moldovan photographic artist Igor Zenin.

Sunstrike was a warrior from lighting clan, a few moons after his warrior ceremony he ran away with his his true love a kittypet named jasmine. Sunstrike a black cat with a majority of orange was then adopted by jasmines house folk. He was renamed sunny. A year later his housefolk abandoned him and jasmine and they moved away. Jasmine died by greencough. Sunstrike went back to lightning clan but they drove him out. Now sunstrike is an elderly loner who lives along the lighting clan boarder…

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