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Lunches should be light, but colorful and have enough calories to keep you full until dinner time - or at least a snack! In case I haven't said it enough, include protein and healthy fats to power you through your afternoon! Good options are: big salad grilled chicken sliced avocado vinaigrette1 slice whole grain bread tuna salad (made with light mayo) carrots and celery stickschicken burger cucumber salad whole grain crackers like ...

Loaded Chicken Salad with Garlic Greek Yogurt Ranch “Mayo” aka Crack Chicken Salad.

<p>Every meal needs protein to keep us full and satisfied and the super bowl is no exception. (You can only eat so many chips!) Chicken drumsticks are my favorite because they taste like wings but have more protein. Other good options are turkey burgers, chicken satay, sliders made with lean ground beef or shrimp cocktail. </p>

As much as you think you may want to try to skip breakfast when trying to lose weight, it always backfires so starting your day on the right foot is important. Good options: hard boiled egg green juice 1 serving almondsprotein pancakes (I love flapjacked brand) or you can make your own1 serving oats greek yogurt fresh berries 1 slice sprouted bread 2 scrambled eggs

<p>Every party needs a crudite platter for guilt-free snacking. Along with the usual carrots, cucumbers and celery add lightly steamed asparagus and green beans, grape tomatoes and endive leaves for a gourmet feel. </p>

This is the easy lunch I make myself ALL THE TIME in the summer: no mayo throw-together tuna salad. Nightshade-free options shown, too! Paleo, Whole30, AIP friendly.

<p>Dinner will again feature lean protein and lots of vegetables. Salmon is ideal since it is full of omega-3 fatty acids and so satisfying but any protein will work. (Including some carbs like sweet potato or squash are a good way to satisfy sweet cravings too!) Good options: </p><ul><li>4-6 oz chicken breast or thigh sauteed green beans 1 cup sweet potato fries</li><li>4-6 oz salmon filet roasted asparagus 3/4 cup cubed squash</li><li>4-6 oz seared tofu or tempeh kale salad ...

If you are hungry throughout the day, supplement your meals with some small, but satisfying snacks. Good options: 1 serving greek yogurt drizzle of honey fresh fruit 1 serving almonds 1 cheese stick 1 serving whole grain crackers1 apple 1 Tbsp nut butter1 protein/granola bar under 200 calories smoothie with 1 serving protein powder almond milk 1/2 cup frozen berries handful of spinach if desired

Superbowl food can be really fun...and full of calories. Skip the high-calorie feast without skimping on flavor with these skinny food ideas!

Weight Watchers Chicken Salad Recipe - 4 WW SmartPoints