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Veja essas 45 incríveis fotos de tribos remotas antes que elas desapareçam

Africa | Fulani (Peule) women photographed in Cameroon | © Alessia de Marco

Brazil | Portrait of a Pataxo Indian participant at the Rio+20 event. Kari-Oca. Jacarepagua, Rio de Janeiro. | © Paulo Neves

Yine girl, (also Piro), Miaria, Peru. Photo by Leonids Plotkin. Yine people farm, fish, and raise livestock, particularly cattle. They also work in the lumber industry. They traditionally used swidden agriculture to grow yuca. They grow several varieties of yuca today, as well as medicinal plants, such as sangre de grado (Croton lechleri). Yine people speak the Yine language, which is a Piro language and part of the Southern Maipuran language family and written in the Latin script.

Bodi woman, Ethiopia

Africa | Man from Burkina Faso

Africa | Portrait of a smiling Erbore girl. Omo valley, Ethiopia | © Johan Gerrits

Girl and her baby goat, India