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Polícia de SP, uma das mais eficientes do país, enfrenta o seu pior inimigo: a ideologia vagabunda! Ou:…

Americas exorbitant pharmaceutical prices, here to stay

SATANIC SICK ILLUMINATI ELITE!!! Don't buy elite's illuminati satanic "fashion" crap what Illuminati controlled slave celebrities are spreading around...those celebrities are just little puppets of this sick pedophilian satanic elite and usually under mind control nazi cia programs or totally voluntarily sold their soul to satanism for fame and money...and full of demons and bad things.

She's obaba in a dress, she's funded by the muslim brotherhood and bilderberg group who want sharia law and new world order, an end to our country as we know it, to destroy our Constitution, our freedom and our culture! She's NOT TRUSTWORTHY, she's CORRUPT CROOKED CONNIVING CRIMINAL and EVIL

Food Stamp Cuts | A country that expects the elderly to eat on $15 a month to avoid taxing the wealthy is morally bankrupt and has no real future.

Want to help your children and the future of our country, vote republicans out next November

Rep. Gowdy DESTROYS The IRS - Hints at ending the IRS