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Restaurante Deliqatê / FGMF Arquitetos

Casa Rex by FGMF Arquitetos http://www.homeadore.com/2013/06/13/casa-rex-fgmf-arquitetos/

Botucatu House by FGMF Arquitetos | HomeAdore

very interesting. sunken kitchen. . . counter transitions into low console in living area.

Loft in Itaim was designed by studio FGMF Arquitetos in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Restaurante Deliqatê / FGMF Arquitetos

Restaurante Deliqatê / FGMF Arquitetos

Check out this charming São Paulo loft, quite attractive following a renovation by FGMF Arquitetos, with its widonws that run from the floor to the double height ceilings. The home’s 2011 renovation began with the demolition of all superfluous walls. It manages to be a light and airy space while feeling cozy at the same time, partly due to the large bookshelf which covers the entire living room, with an integrated kitchen place and ending in the entrance hall. With ebonized floors, white…

With rustic materials (wood and steel) this house seems to be the perfect eco-friendly hillside-and-underground home or retreat but nonetheless has rigorous geometries and modern interiors that make it fit for comfortable contemporary living.

Some kind of wall fixture like this would be good to show packaging so that its accessible for customers to see and touch

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