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Chevin were bipedal pachydermoid sentients native to the planet Vinsoth. They had a poor reputation in much of the galaxy, partly due to their involvement in unsavory activities such as smuggling, and partly because they had enslaved the Chevs, a humanoid species who shared Vinsoth with them. The Chevin evolved from smaller relatives of the giant mammals who were wiped out when an asteroid collided with Vinsoth millions of years before the time of the Galactic Republic. Chevin had long...

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Kaminoan are a race of tall necked aliens from the star wars universe that live on the system kamino. Known for their cloning abilties. They cloned an entire army of clone just from one man, Jango Fett. they also cloned the universe's most feared bounty hunter, boba fett. There is also a jedi master who is a kaminoan, soifra.

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