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landscapelifescape: Oneonta Canyon, Oregon, USA Oneonta Sliver by jared ropelato

Fall foliage reflected in the West River, Guilford, Connecticut, United States

"Dancing with the Wind" by Dottie Moore. "As creative women living in our second fifty years, we know what is required to walk through dark forests, where trust is our only guide. Because we have courageously chosen to live our lives by seeing the endless choices and possibilities available to us, we have learned to enjoy the dance of change." [The border piecing is simple and so effective, and the composition and overall effect is so strong.]

Nickole Strubbe: The visual element is atmospheric because it has depth to it going from the water and the surrounding grassland and then into the mountains which then leads to the sky, changing colors with each landscape pictured.

Imagine what the road leads to? The mountains in the background. The trees how they embrace the road and it leads the beauty of nature. This picture brings inspiration to me because it feels like nature is telling me to follow the road to nature and change.

campfiresmell: Forks, Washington Don’t even care that the only reason I know of this place is because of Twilight, Forks look beautiful!

The rewards of higher things sometimes may not be as you may expect, and may be hidden from the view of everybody else. --Belsebuub, Guest Waking Times

"LET ALL THE WORLD LOOK TO ME for salvation! For I am God; there is no other," Isaiah 45:22.

The suns sets so early now that we are in Eastern Standard Time. Of course it’s a welcome change because it’s lighter in the morning when I go to school, but since I mostly sketch in th…