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nixxie-fic: “ Manip/Edit - John & Mary Watson and Baby family portrait - From the S4 promo pictures here (x) More Edits from these pics: (Mycroft), (John), (Holmes brothers), (Sherlock b/w), (Sherlock 2 part), (Sherlock scan), (Watson family manip),...

Most of Boz's plans tbh ///

Black and White depressed depression sad suicidal suicide alone b&w broken Scared dark help self harm hopeless self hate escape help me worthless self injury save me no hope suicidal thoughts selfharm selfharming selfharmer

Ripped photos by Jacob a.k.a. Mailbomb Si rascas la superficie, descubrirás que soy de papel.

The Secret to Beautiful Black & White Images in Photoshop

The funny thing is, is that I've been hiding a dark secret and no one from school has yet to learn it. No one ever will because if I ever told them then they would never see me the same again. It would permanently damage how the view me as an individual.

Umm... I'm pretty sure having a desk full of blood is. Not. Normal. Desert bluffs is just.... /wrong /

The Cowboy code, the first code in Secret Code Book, by Frances W. Keene.

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