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Explora Tao Ruim, Crescimento Desenfreado e outros!

Matéria da Revista Quatro Rodas, de 1964, relatava problemas gerados pelo trânsito e o crescimento desenfreado no número de carros. Acervo: Jorge Ferreira, Pesquisa: Adamo Bazani.

Our new higher "vibe" relationship with both self and others can no longer tolerate the old dramatic painful struggles based on the false projections of Ego. Our new relationships are Heart centered not Ego based. They feel good, not bad. They uplift and elevate. And more and more, we can clearly see and feel the difference and then consciously choose what we want to align ourselves with energetically, and therefore "create" in our world both personally and collectively -ts

24 de novembro de 1929 - Princípio de incêndio no Edifício Martinelli.

"May you never be too busy to stop and breathe under a palm tree."


D'incroyables façons de donner une seconde vie aux objets que vous n'utilisez plus

Muitas vezes, é possível apenas reaproveitar o que já temos para criar peças diferentes e exclusivas. Como uma luminária feita com raladores, por exemplo, que confere um toque de personalidade à decoração de uma cozinha ou sala de jantar. Fonte:

1936. São Paulo. Telephones operators in Cia. Telefonica in 7th April Street

Senhora Escravos being carried by her slaves, São Paulo, Brazil, ca. 1860

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Heartwarming stories of the World Cup

Good samaritan 40-year-old Brazilian taxi driver Adilson Luiz da Cruz picked up two Mexican ticket scalpers and drove them to the Nuevo São Paulo Morumbi Hotel. After dropping them off, da Cruz noticed a bad with 40 World Cup tickets inside.

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Facebook: We Are Not Collecting Unpublished Posts and Comments

When you finally hear the whole story; sometimes, it may not be as bad as originally thought. However, it would be nice if Facebook was more transparent in their studies. Personally and Professionally, TRANSPARENCY is one of my top business ethics. I use the old adage to treat people the way I want to be treated. Regards, ~ Holley Jacobs #Facebook