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Riddle Me This... by GarrothPikachu

They turned another corner and Sarah finally caught a glimpse of light up ahead. There was also a gentle whooshing sound that was slowly getting louder. It sounded like moving water. Lots of water. ~Ash Brownd

Lightning strikes much MORE than twice in these stunning

Photographer Jason Bennee captured the moment the Great Pyramid of Giza was struck by a bu...

Chladni sand patterns as a function of the size of the vibrating plate

9/19/61, Betty & Barney Hill observed a bright light in the sky following them. Upon arriving home they'd lost 2 hours of time. Betty began having nightmares in which she was taken aboard an alien spacecraft and medical experiments were performed on her. In separate hypnosis sessions, she & Barney described similar experiences. Betty was shown a star map which she was able to reproduce later, which some believe is showing Zeta Reticuli as the aliens’ home.

Photograph taken from onboard the International Space Station showing a nighttime Paris and London. ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano posted this image on his Twitter account with the caption: "London and Paris brighten up a European night".

Mature retina contains five classes of neurons: photoreceptors (purple), horizontal cells (yellow), bipolar neurons (green), amacrine cells (pink and blue), ganglion cells (pink and blue). This cross section of a retina, shows only “ON" subset of the bipolar cells, visible by expression of GFP (green). The pink and blue speckled striations at the bottom of the image mark the fiber layer, which contains the ganglion cell axons that will form the optic nerve. By Rachel Wong, Uni of Washington

this is what I envision, my intentions when giving you a Shiatsu OR massage. Try it, contact us in the Minneapolis, MN area. THE WAY OF WELLNESS MASSAGE AND SHIATSU.

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Druids maybe???

"Everyone keeps telling me that it'll get better. That keeping my head high will somehow fix all the shit I've been dealing with. Keeping my head high won't bring back my brother and it sure as hell won't get me revenge!" -Kayden