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My dad owns a construction company. I'm his welder. I love it when i have my leathers on and my hood down, people go "your son's a pretty damn good welder" and his response is "that's my daughter"

Thee whom have committed such crimes shall punish along with the fiery wrath with whom wishes not to cross along the lines of horrendous fires that represent the anger of those who care for such books. That is we, including I, a loyal bookworm. -alexamtz45|Pinterest

I was slowly getting over him and the words that he had spoken then taken back. But then he said them again and this time it felt different than before. Yet you took them back again and now I'm right back on the floor with tears and pain tearing me apart. Once again wishing you weren't so afraid to let me in. But fear distorts everything and you can't see what I see because it's easier to walk away than to risk it all when there's a chance of pain.

This may be one of the most supportive things you can say to someone who is struggling emotionally.

Damn right. I stuck around way to long for a person who straight up didn't care how he hurt me. Like a damn doormat. No matter what he said, he never changed and he never will. He doesn't even think he's done anything wrong.....

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Quiet Time (Haven and Home)

Tricky. Tricky. Tricky. SAtan is the master deciever and liar! if it's too good to be true, it is!

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22 Animals Who Made It Through A Snow Storm

This could have been said by either one. So true!