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Ranma são painéis encontradas acima shoji ou fusuma que são projetadas para deixar a luz em salas. Na maioria das vezes são feitas de madeiras ornamentadas ou são iguais o shoji.

Japanese Style Design In American Homes

Thinking of getting rid of the living room carpet and use Japanese tatami instead.

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DIY Floating Shelf

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7. Amado Amado are storm shutters that are used to completely seal a home or apartment for security, privacy and safety. They are particularly important as protection from typhoons. Amado are a practical item that are either wooden planks or sheets of metal. They completely transform the aesthetics of a house. A home that looks open and inviting in the day surrounded by shoji screens may look more like a wooden shack at night surrounded by walls17 Classic Features of Japanese Houses - Japan…

Different styles of japanese dwellings over time.

Lotus Sutra written by Prince Shotoku in 615, it's believed to be the oldest calligraphy in Japan. 法華義疏  聖徳太子

1. Shoji Japanese houses didn't use historically use glass, resulting in some interesting methods of natural lighting. A shoji is a sliding panel that is made of translucent paper in a wooden frame. They are used for both interior and exterior walls. They help to give Japanese houses their character by allowing diffuse light and shadows through. 17 Classic Features of Japanese Houses - Japan Talk

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9 coisas sobre morar que podemos aprender com os japoneses

Chamadas de shouji (障子), as portas tradicionais japonesas têm estrutura de madeira ou bambu e são forradas por papel.