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Explora Sly Inverno 2015, Globetrotter Inverno e outros!

HOW BEAUTIFUL !!! It snowed today and our magnificent animal friends came out to explore our back yard~~~ we saw a awesome red fox, the lovely deer family that have their den in the back of our property and we think a bob cat in the distance by the pond. Loving ALL the BEAUTY :) ~Allison ~

**This isn’t an arctic fox it is a marble-phase Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes), a color morph only found in captive bred foxes.

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Winter’s Light and Red Fox | Amazing Pictures

The fox encourages us to think outside of the box and use our intelligence in different, creative ways. The fox also brings us a message to try to approach our circumstances differently than we normally would. Be aware of some of our habits, and try a different angle of action. The fox is also a reminder that we must utilize all of our resources (seen and unseen) in order to accomplish our goals.

The RED FOX is well-known for its large bushy tail, which is often tipped with white. It can be found in a variety of places, from sand dunes to mountain tops. This nocturnal creature lives in family groups. While normally they prefer to be in open areas, they have burrows, which consist of a den with numerous side tunnels. In spring, red foxes clean their dens in preparation for their new litter of four to six kits. Pup care is a family affair, mother, father, & siblings.

Foxes are oh so cute...wouldn't mind trapping one!