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How Climate Change Shrank These Bees' Tongues "If you think about iconic symbols of climate change you'll probably picture a polar bear emaciated and clinging to a precariously small chunk of ice. You're probably not thinking of a #bumblebee flitting about an alpine meadow with a shorter-than-average tongue." | via MotherJones #ClimateChange #Bees #ClimateNews Read more at:

Bees’ hairy bodies help them collect more pollen.

News at Instagram @TheCVF Water too warm for cod in US Gulf of Maine as stocks near collapse "A rapid warming of the Gulf of Maine off the eastern United States has made the water too warm for cod pushing stocks towards collapse despite deep reductions in the number of #fish caught a US study has shown. The Gulf of Maine had warmed faster than 99% of the rest of the worlds #oceans in the past decade influenced by shifts in the Atlantic Gulf Stream changes in the Pacific Ocean and a wider…


News at Instagram @TheCVF Mayors and governors from major world cities on 21 July 2015 will urge #globalleaders to take bold action at this year's U.N. #climatechange summit at Vatican conference via Reuters. #CVFNews

News at Instagram @TheCVF #Japan reveals greenhouse gas emissions targets ahead of #climatechange summit in #Paris via South China Morning Post. #CVFNews

Aerodynamically speaking, these amazing creatures should not be able to fly. Proof that if God says, "It will be, then IT WILL BEE!!"

News at Instagram @TheCVF #Singapore #Parliament. The INDC states Singapore's intention to #reduce its #emissions intensity by 36% from 2005 levels by 2030 via The Strait Times. #CVFNews #EverydayClimateChange

News at Instagram @TheCVF Shanghai Night Cruise by Dennis Jarvis. #China is now moving towards a #lowercarboN. The plan shows Chinas leaders are serious about changing the countrys #development path via Irish Time. #CVFNews #EverydayClimateChange