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How Climate Change Shrank These Bees' Tongues "If you think about iconic symbols of climate change you'll probably picture a polar bear emaciated and clinging to a precariously small chunk of ice. You're probably not thinking of a #bumblebee flitting about an alpine meadow with a shorter-than-average tongue." | via MotherJones #ClimateChange #Bees #ClimateNews Read more at:

'A one-off in human history': Stern's warning on climate change battle "Europe has to step up its effort to combat climate change and wake up to the urgency of the situation the climate change expert Lord Stern has said before crunch UN talks in #Paris later this month." | via The Guardian #COP21 #Europe #ClimateChange #ClimateNews Read more at:

News at Instagram @TheCVF Bangladesh by Enamur Reza. #Bangladesh seeks legally-binding climate accord at #COP21 to keep the increase of world temperature limited below #2degree C via The Financial Express #CVFNews

How clouds can make climate change worse than we thought

Seaweed and Blast Fishing Ban Help Protect CVF Member #Tanzanias Fisheries and #Mariculture "The possible effects of climate change are just one of many problems facing the coastal communities of Zanzibar known for its rich melding of cultures lush #marine #ecosystem and majestic coral reefs." | via World Bank #SustainableDevelopment #ClimateChange #ClimateNews #CVFMembers Read more at:

Shark culling could indirectly accelerate climate change study warns: "New research suggests that killing sharks also exacerbates climate change. A paper published in Nature Climate Change warns the removal of top ocean predators such as sharks causes a trophic cascade throughout the food chain that results in the release of carbon into the atmosphere." via The Guardian #Sharks #ClimateChange #Australia Read more at: #climatenews

News at Instagram @TheCVF Mangroves by Daniel Peckham. #Indonesia #mangroves are a massive storehouse of carbon and a key bargaining chip for #COP21 #Paris in slowing climate change via Forest News #CVFNews #EverydayClimateChange

Climate change: #Women more vulnerable to dangers of global warming than men say leading academics "A new obstacle has emerged in the battle for #FemaleEquality in the form of climate change." | via the Independent #ClimateChange #GenderEquality #GlobalWarming #ClimateNews Read more at:

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The polar vortex in no way disproves climate change

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News at Instagram @TheCVF EPA Concludes #ClimateChange Is #BiggestIssue of Our Time in Recent Report via AccuWeather. #CVFNews #EverydayClimateChange