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Já vos contei como raramente vejo televisão, mas quando o faço, perco-me em programas de culinária!  Foi o que aconteceu por instantes este fim-de-semana! Vi esta dica da Filipa Gomes que me pareceu muito útil e pensei que podia também interessar-vos! Como contava a Filipa, o que eu acabava por fazer com a pressa e preguiça …

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No. Otp doesn't mean that you only ship 1 couple, it means that no one else can be shipped with that(those) people!!

Repin if you cried at the end of Allegiant

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Martina Skupinova on

women hate more than anything else the continuation of their gender's oppression and sexualization in EVERYTHING. Want them to like something? Give them a reason to; stop sexualizing them and writing women characters as blank sex kittens that's only purpose is to get banged by the leading man and/or be his girlfriend at the end.

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Very good advice! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I was honestly so angry at the creators for Jahee's good end. Like, it couldn't hurt to actually put a gay character in the game! I couldn't believe that I had gotten FRIEND ZONED in an OTOME GAME as the GOOD ENDING

I would love to have a weapon as a RWBY person that looked like a giant key, or even like, a belt of keys. Yes. I shall have a belt of key guns. And I will be a member of a team that ends up blowing things up.