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The Art Baby Girl bracelet featuring a 7/11 Slurpee broken heart and rainbow with clouds . My homage to @artbabygirl duh.

How to Spring-ify your braces? just add flowers! As seen on the incredible beauty and beautiful soul Dylan using the Balm Dot Com by @glossier photo by @ollygolly123

I'm kidnapping the @redflowernyc Instagram for this week in anticipation for our Spring Awakening pop up shop this weekend! I will be sharing the most delicious flower images like this one of an eye within a rose because this is what the inside of my head looks like regram from @metafloranyc

Hey! I am very grateful for you! To show you I care proceeds from every sale are going to your charity of choice (ACLU planned parenthood standing rock) photo by @palora

One of my most favorite images goddess Mae delighting in a bath of flowers and fruits (and jewelry too of course) photo: @abarket flower and fruit styling @aurorabotanica jewelry by @susan_alexandra model @maep

Today's profound advice c/o my sister @bymariandrew today I was so tempted to write a scathing email to a gal I felt completely hurt/betrayed/ discarded by. I wanted to let her know how acutely she hurt me and why she should feel bad. But then I realized I needed to rise above. Making someone see the errors of their ways isn't my job. That's not my responsibility. Everyone has to carry the weight of their own issues/ karma. My energy is better served loving myself and the people I love and…

You guys- I started making jewelry 3 years ago bc I had to. It's my self expression it's how I survive. It's my art. I didn't know exactly where I belonged in this world much less crazy manic NYC but with jewelry I was able to find a niche. I paint each piece by hand and put so much of myself and so much energy into everything. Its my livelihood emotionally and physically. Today I found a person who is blatantly knocking off my work. I found this bc she began following my friends and stores…

Sick days in bed: lots of ginger tea Pho naps 1000 tissues 1000 cough drops Judi Dench movies googling Celestial Seasoning tea box art avoiding my phone and emails and more naps. And revisiting one of my favorite images by #peterpaulrubens and #janbrueghel