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Idunn the Beautiful was the norse goddess of youth, immortality and springtime. Her husband was the god Bragi, her father was Ivaldi the Earth Dwarf, her mother was Sol the Sun and her three sisters were the Valkyries: Allvit, Swanvit and Obrun.

Norse Mythology: The Mead of Poetry. Kvasir, the wise, is assasinated by the dwarfs Fjalar and Galar., who mix his blood with honey and ferment it to mead. Later the giant Suttungr steals it from them, but in the end Odin manages to win it, using a really nasty trick to get access to it, which involves instigating an event in which slaves kill each other out of greed!

100,000 Fairies, Pygmy or Dwarf Graves Described in Tennessee, concur with Cherokee Indian's Legend of Pixie and Fairies, Dwarves or Elves exists across the globe. It is also common that the dwarfs are also attached to the "spirit realm." The origin of these "Earth Spirits" also known as Elementals is with the Fallen Angels who produced both the giants and the race of Elves. Like the giants, their spirits are forever bound to the earth, according to the Book of Enoch.

"While Odin and his brothers were in the progress of creating a new world from the body parts of Ymir, worms kept crawling out of the remains. The worms became dwarfs. The brothers told four of the dwarfs to hold up the sky. They did not want to risk the sky falling down. The names of the four dwarfs is North "Nordi" West "Vestri", South "Sundri", and East "Austri", and was sent out in each direction of the world."

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