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Amethyst. wards off evil and absorbs negative energy. I have one placed on every windowsill in my house :)

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Amethyst Stone

<p><em>Spirituality • Intuition • Relieves Stress<br /></em>An <em>Amethyst Stone</em> is a natural stress reliever that also encourages inner strength, spirituality and intuition. It attracts positive energy while ridding the body or your home of negative energy.</p><br /> <p><em>Size: ~1 - 1½”</em></p>

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Bhuta Shuddhi an Esoteric Tantric Practice

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Amethyst | Gemstones & Sacred Materials | Tiny Devotions | Mala Beads

Amethysts are recommended to those who deal with stress a lot, such as people with an excessive work ethic who are unable to enjoy relaxation. This quality is also believed useful when treating insomnia too. Amethysts also help those who are prone to depression and an overall melancholy feeling. Many also believe that amethysts are useful for those working to transcend chemical dependence. The stones may work as talismans to provide inner strength when battling dependency.

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Amethyst Necklace // Amethyst Druzy // Gold Amethyst // Raw Amethyst // Amethyst Necklace // Druzy Pendant // February Birthstone

Amethyst Necklace // Amethyst Druzy // Gold by TheRockStarGoddess

Amethyst has been found in ruins dating as far back as the ninth century, adorning crowns, scepters, jewelry, and breastplates worn into battle.

Amethyst: A "stone of change, protection & enlightenment". Enhances spiritual awareness, meditation, visualization, serenity & composure. Attracts good luck & love, calms & transforms. Shifts energies to the higher frequencies of both the spiritual & ethereal levels.

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