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Northern Cardinal, female

Large Frogmouth, Indonesia, Sumatra

"Osprey in action

Northern Cardinal

Acorn Woodpecker (Melanerpes formicivorus)

Caudipteryx (which means "tail feather") is a genus of peacock-sized theropoddinosaurs that lived in the Aptian age of the early Cretaceous Period (about 124.6 million years ago). They were feathered and remarkably birdlike in their overall appearance. Two species have been described; C. zoui (the type species), in 1998, and C. dongi, in 2000

Egret is one of the most beautiful birds. I am so glad it is against the law to kill any type of egret now. Their feathers at one time were used for hats. They were almost wiped out until the law was passed.