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Love that my girls love puzzles - one of their favorite play activities. #kidsneedplay #kidbloggersofIG

Play is our brain's favorite way of learning

Bubbles are a summer staple around our house... And after 3 summers, Big M can finally blow her own! Check out our favorite DIY recipe and the tools stocked in our bubble arsenal! #kidsneedplay #ontheblog #linkinbio

For a few weeks now, I've been posting images of the Ms at play along with some of my favorite quotes about the importance of play. Today, #ontheblog, learn all about why play is so critical to early childhood development and how it is rapidly disappearing from our schools. Join our #kidsneedplay campaign to increase awareness!

Lil' M's tiny artistic hand wields a mighty brush! It was almost as great a piece of finished art as her painting #kidsneedplay #kidbloggersofIG

How much do you learn about your child during an hour of play? #playmatters #kidsneedplay

Lil' M, digging up the front walk... Testing gravity! #kidsneedplay #playmatters

Share on Pinterest Share Share on Facebook Share Send email Mail Looking for a fun and simple science activity that’s sure to entertain the kids?! In this quick, five minute experiment, little chemists mix up their own homemade bouncy balls. The science activity is a hands-down favorite for kids. Getting Ready To prep for this activity, I gathered: 1 tablespoon of borax (found in the laundry section

The world through the 'glittering eyes' of a child is truly magical! #kidsneedplay #kidbloggersofIG

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