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Healthy Snacks That are Easy to Pack

Need some healthy snack inspiration for work or school? Here are three snack pack ideas that will keep you full and on track with your fitness goals! | Slashed Beauty

How Too Much Sugar Affects the Human Body

Sugar may be delicious, but too much can be harmful. Learn how consuming too much sugar negatively affects the human body.

Drinking celery for better health - I'd take out the spinach, apple and ice personally. Spinach needs to be heated for one to benefit from all of it's wonderful nutrients, I would replace with kale or another leafy green, apple's raise one's blood sugar and the ice is unnecessary if the berries used are frozen.

Afternoon eye candy: Tom Hardy (34 photos)

Tom Hardy - inspiration for the character of Sam Gannon (Raina's bodyguard)

Easy Detox Drink

These Combos are good combinations but, I would skip the skim milk which is very bad for health and skip the Orange juice which has too much sugar; I would try instead, a cup of tea with whole organic milk or a lemonade (made of real lemons).

Bought a little too much cilantro yesterday so might as well see if it has any benefit. My husband doesn't know that it will have to be incorporated in every meal this week. Whoops

Clean Eating General Tso's Chicken - 21 Day Fixed Approved

Who loves chinese food? This girl does!!!! The problem with it is I always eat way too much and feel so bloated. In the past two years of following the 21 Day Fix, I have eaten it twice both times felt icky. I love generals chicken and had to find a way to make it Read More ...