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Do you feel like you've been left behind in the goal setting race? What if I told you it's not a marathon and that slow and steady actually DOES win the race? Don't be like the hare, embrace the tortoise mentality when it comes to creating and accomplishing your goals this year.

That's literally Harry Potter world tho

STICK IT AND MAKE IT STICK! Are you looking for unique ways to motivate students to be more kind and compassionate? These sticky notes quotes can be used as part of your growth mindset activities or your regular classroom routine. With teacher tips included, you'll find a variety of ways to utilize these positive messages for students!

Overstimulation can occur when a child is extremely sensitive to stimuli. Here are a list of calming tools and calming activities for kids.

Here are 3 different ideas for fitting extra writing opportunities into your special education program. Many students with disabilities find writing to be very challenging and difficult. Our students don't want extra practice, but they need it. Here are 3 ideas to get you started.

File cabinet makeover in 30 minutes for classroom organization - This is awesome! She has editable templates included

Say goodbye to the treasure box and hello to these 5 creative, cheap, and fun rewards for kids! Students will love the coupons, certificates, Brag Tags, and more reward ideas that are positive and the daily dose of motivation they need at school.

Are you sick of living paycheck to paycheck? If so, come see how you can get a month ahead on little income. It is possible!

With first graders, hallway behavior is always a problem at the beginning of the year. After I started teaching hallway procedures with this fun rhyme, my classes hallway behavior dramatically improved.

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