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It's s little late for secret keeping. I know yours so why bother? Filler is shit. It moves on. Substance stays. And if you wY h him kiss someone else it will be me. Don't stress it. It's ok.

This shit sucks too. If we're being real.

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Sometimes You Gotta Remember (Live Life Happy)

Sometimes You Gotta Remember... Don't forget where you came from and who got you where you are. That shit comes back and bites you in the ass.

You don't deserve me... and you damn well know it. Nothing I hate more than mind games. Just be real. Call it like it is. Wtf!!!!

It was a few months ago I was distant from God. I grew cold. I decided I didn't care about people anymore. I went back to lust, greed and other terrible things. You ask me does God love us? Shame can be so painful. It tears us down and we feel so victimized. God wants us to live happily. We choose shame because it seems like what's best. It seems like the best way to deal with hurts. I know what it's like to be abused. I know that when I was trying to commit suicide that it hurt. #Hurt to do…

You don't have to follow me. It's about following God. We thought ya'll would accept us as we are. And we still hope you'll realise that we came dressing the same as some of ya'll. We didn't come saying 'oh thou art'. Ok we live in the 21st century. Yea, in all honesty we get so much hate just like all of you. God bless x

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25 Taylor Swift Lyrics That Understood Your Love Life Better Than You Ever Did

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