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Além de vender, presto assessoria na área MOBILE.

Mobile Apps Vs Mobile Web As more and more mobile smartphones are being sold the buzz around mobile apps is growing stronger. So every business should rush and have developed a mobile app - right? Maybe not. The low decline on mobile applications and mobile websites. Let's get the definitions of the road. Mobile applications are essentially small applications that you download and run on your phone feature or smartphone. An application will run on your handset locally and may or may not…

The Coverage Project Android App - , The coverage project is a community in which users of mobile telephony can measure, verify, control and compare the quality of service offered by different mobile operators within a common region, with the aim of improving it. The Coverage Project will help you to understand which operator has better signal anywhere you are.Just by having the app installed you are contributing to the project. Leave it installed and you will be able to see…

JoikuSpeed – 3G/4G Speeds Android App - , Race For Speed – Measure your mobile Internet speed and compare your performance with others in your location.JoikuSpeed is scientifically developed app with highly accurate and reliable speed measurement technology and large global network speed comparison database. Using JoikuSpeed is easy:★ Click START and get your actual mobile Internet speed. You will also get the quality of your speed performance and local speed comparison to…

The online real estate company Opendoor has launched a new mobile app, giving buyers instant access to hundreds of homes for sale in the Phoenix area.

Events today rely heavily on mobile technology to offer enhanced experiences to attendees. Among the spectrum of emerging mobile technologies available, a key focus area is bluetooth beacons. In this post, we list out five principal uses of beacons at events to create engaging and memorable experiences. Networking ● Match-making– attendees, exhibitors, buyer/sellers indicate interests (either by LinkedIn or …

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To Lock Down Mobile Apps, Cenzic Launches New

new security product for mobile application developers which will allow for the testing of mobile apps on any platform – iOS, Android, J2ME, and more.

Emerging Nations Embrace Internet via Mobile Technology - Cell Phones Nearly Ubiquitous in Many Countries | Pew Research

Mobile Technology in #healthcare. Thanks Healthx!

Mobile Technology in #healthcare. Thanks Healthx!

Optimize your website with our Mobile App Development Strategies - People in general area tends to look forward to a known opportunity which is the reason why many organizations are moving towards mobile technology.