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Kenny Mac Portfolio "Show & Tell" by Kenny Mac via slideshare

Daily #Tarot Reading for February 16: Nine of Wands When we are in the midst of a great #struggle when we have refused to break under enormous #pressure we meet the #challenge in the Nine of Wands. You have surpassed past challenges and you must keep your spirits up to #transcend this one. Wands represent fire the transformative element. We may burn but we are not destroyed; only changed tempered strengthened. Whether you are experiencing #hardtimes at home or at #work or a #creative or…

Look at these creative storage solutions and home organization ideas that we've accomplished as part of the 52 Weeks To An Organized Home Challenge.

UPWARD—Uniting Professional Women Accelerating Relationships & Development—is a global collaborative organization of like-minded, senior level, female professionals who come together to discuss the challenges women face and to identify creative solutions to overcome them. It’s a supportive place to build trusted relationships, share ideas, learn new skills, and grow in your career in order to navigate today’s challenging business world.

No.7 on The Creative Doll Artist Project Feb Challenge "Favorite Art Supply" Since I have recently started working with clay(Super Sculpey to be exact 😉), I never realised how hard it can be on your hands especially when the the clay you buy might be a bit old, dry and HARD! Conditioning it becomes a nightmare and I spend more time trying to get small pieces to a workable consistancy then I do actually trying to sculpt anything with it...arrrrr SOooooo I found a solution to my problem in…

Creative Pick: Tiger Pan #4, Tank Che Beer Packaging is something we face daily. So creating an eye-catching packaging design that can be reproduced for years is a real challenge. Creative Pick, Tiger Pan is an expert in this field with his illustrious background in this arena. 坦克啤酒 Tanks Che Beer demonstrates his strengths in developing a solution with aesthetics and …

You are here to make a difference in the life of another through your work. You are here to play a significant part in the shift of those you are meant to serve. One of way generating awareness of your work, is through storytelling. I LOVE that #contentmarketing provides a space for creatives and entrepreneurs like you to build connections through stories. When you are crafting content in any way you please, ask yourself, what problems do you solve in the lives of those you are trying to…

Creative Stitch Alchemy – a free 5-week mini-course

Small band programs face unique challenges that require creative solutions. This short post discusses tips for covering parts in a small band.

Yolee Solutions bringing you the best in industry related news! [Webinar] Creative is Complicated: Tips for better brand/agency collaboration We all know the creative process is challenging. Its non-linear nature often causes frustration, delays, unplanned expenses and burned-out creative teams. Join brand expert Lesya Lysyj and Hightail’s Chief Operating Officer Mike Trigg as they explore the hidden costs of a broken creative process and provide best practices for bet

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