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Angora goat shearing: I promised to look it the same whether sheep, alpaca, vicuña or Angora goat. The trick is to get it down, keep it still, and run those shears as fast as possible while being careful to get all the wool. The demonstrator makes it look easy. It's not. And these goats get sheared in March and September.

Nubian goats-our Sasha and Tasha. I will always remember you.

show me what a "perfectly conformed" goat looks like - The Goat Spot - Goat Forum

The Goats gym made out of pallets. This was before I stained it.

Looking forward to training some goats (maybe a couple of neutered males) to pull a wagon. Maple would have been good too, if we had started her young!

Sleeping/climbing platforms. Goats prefer sleeping off the ground and the platforms will help them stay active in winter.

Dairy Goat Conformation - The Goat Spot - Goat Forum (Great discussion about conformation!)