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Margrette Rene & Georgette Berger

Homo History: Alone in a Photo Booth

Madrid, Spain (Flip through the stations in the hotel. You will see bull fighting).

Pedro Luis Raota (1934-1986) - Two-gether/Alone

Once there were two dragon trainers who fell in love, and together they raised Englebert and Undine, Lapis Lazuli and Corinthian, Immaculata and Eudaldo and Jane.  And Jane, who they loved best, flew away one day, perhaps on a course to establish a nest on a far-off peak nowhere near the dragon preserve. Perhaps not. Perhaps Jane would be employed in a magical menagerie, or perhaps she would simply be a dangerous terror that caused others to flee before her. Perhaps Jane would nest near the…

“Two people in love, alone, isolated from the world, that's beautiful.” Milan Kundera #Love

Vintage Photo Booth photo

Photo booth Were These two friends? Well obviously ;) But what were they laughing about? Were did they meet? How long have they already known Know each other?...

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