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Fifty Shades Of Grey Gets Bondage All Wrong. This Girl Nails It.

The difference between true BDSM (which involves trust, safety, and consent) and the abusive relationship between Grey and Anastasia in 50 Shades. This sums it up very well.

A tale of two lovers (or three, or four): the truth about polyamory

Holding hands

Mati Ahmet Tuncöz - Expert-Coach für Selbstfindung: BDSM und Co. - Fesselspiele im Bett machen glückl...

Christian gives Ana a choice ...

10 Hot '50 Shades of Grey' Quotes That Will Make You Fall in Love All Over Again (PHOTOS) | The Stir

A conversation between society and feminists

50 Shade of Grey Movie

Reproductive rights: "What if someone invented a machine that allowed women to transfer their pregnancies to men?"

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Yes! I can't believe how many times I heard this as a kid and it either made me want to beat boys more to humiliate them or to be super careful and not win so I wouldn't hurt their feelings.