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Dodola (também escrito Doda, Dudulya e Didilya, pronuncia-se:-doh-doh la, doo-doo-Lya, ou dee-dee-lya), Perperuna ou Preperuša é uma velha tradição eslava. De acordo com algumas interpretações, ela é a deusa eslava de chuva, ea esposa do deus supremo Perun (que é o deus do trovão). Eslavos acreditavam que quando Dodola ordenha suas vacas celestiais, as nuvens, chove na terra. Cada mola Dodola é dito para voar sobre florestas e campos, decorar as árvores com flores.

Ki is the Sumerian Goddess of the earth. In Sumerian mythology, she is the daughter of Nammu, Goddess of the primordial sea. In the later Babylonian mythology, she is the daughter of Anshar and Kishar. In either case, she is the sister/wife of Anu, God of the sky, and mother by him of the Anunnaki, including Enlil, God of the air. Ki was eventually supplanted by Ninhursag as the Great Mother. Her name means “earth.”

"Cerridwen's Cauldron," Emily Balivet,

Mythology Meme || (7/10) Women of the Norse Pantheon Hail Glut, wise in the ways of your people. Hail, Goddess of fire, who brings warmth and who boldly orders the uncertain heart. (x)

Inanna – Star of Heaven and Earth by Jo Jayson. Inanna - the name given to the exalted and prominent ancient Sumerian Goddess of Love, War, Sexuality / Embodied <3

Gods Goddesses Legends Myths: Ziwa (also Šiva), the Slavic Goddess of Love and Fertility, by Martin Maceovic.

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Baba Yaga

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Vesna, by Jankolas. Slavic goddess of spring and youth.

Brighid (pronounced BREED) is the Celtic Goddess of Fire. She rules over many types of fire—the fire of the forge (as Goddess of smithcraft and metal working), the fire of the hearth (as Goddess of healing), and the fire of creativity (as Goddess of poetry). Brighid is seen as a triple Goddess, and she is associated with three different spheres—high (leaping flames, tall forts, wisdom), middle (hearth and home), and low (wells and sacred springs). She is my favorite ❤

Slavic Gods: Marzana - Goddess of death and winter. Veles - God of the earth waters and the underworld associated with dragons cattle magic musicians wealth and trickery. Svarozvich - God of fire. Laima - Goddess of fate. Svantovit - God of war. Svarog - God of the sky. Lada - Goddess of harmony, merriment, youth. Dazhbog - God of the sun. Perun - God of thunder and lightning. Saule - Goddess of the sun. Stribog - God and spirit of the winds, sky and air. Milda - Goddess of love.