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Porta Fraldas em tecido - Azul

Porta fraldas

Top 100 quotes about life photos Oh man this is so true, isn't it? Good morning, friends! I have been way off track lately with taking care of myself. I have definitely been putting myself at the bottom of my to do list and it's time to change that. Today, let's all make a pact to take better care of us so that we can be better for those around us. Have a great day!! See more

Marching To Take Back America Full-Throttle / #positivedisruption #guns #America #SocEnt #allin What will be the answer to the gun violence that continues on our American streets? How will we navigate protecting the second amendment and also keep the guns out of the wrong hands? Even with the toughest background checks it is not wholly unrealistic to assume that guns will end up in the wrong hands. Doing away with guns altogether is not the answer yet an armed populace is an important…

The proponents of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are planning to do a full court press in the lame duck session of Congress following the election. We will be bombarded with speeches and columns from President Obama and other illustrious figures telling us how it is important to approve the TPP for a variety of reasons.We can be certain that one of the reasons will be the inherent virtues of free trade. They will not be telling the truth.

When EU member states vote on CETA on October 18, all it takes is one “No” vote to derail the whole deal. The CETA trade deal is less famous than TTIP, but just as dangerous -- this EU-Canada pact provides big business with the same toolbox to bully governments into doing what they want. We’ve been doing all we can to shore up Austria’s opposition to CETA, but now it looks like there’s another opposition voice that needs our support -- Belgium’s regional governments. Three regional…

I don't think we have the Box Tops program in Canada :( Maybe we can do this for UNICEF, Centraide, or even number of tests passed.

This week, we are focusing on taking care of ourselves. That means we must take action. We can contemplate all day long, but that won't accomplish anything. We must do something that invigorates us. Make a pact with yourself that today will be the beginning of caring for you. Take time out (even if it's just 10 minutes) to renew yourself. That could be a walk, a 10 minute mediation, yoga, or just sitting quietly in your back yard. Whatever it is, make it a priority today…

Fascinating article on how childhood stress actually changes the make up of the brain. '7 Ways Childhood Adversity Changes Your Brain: Early emotional trauma changes who we are, but we can do something about it.'

8 ways to Stop Human Trafficking in Our Own Backyard. This is worth a read - it's SO important. Little things can and do make a difference.

A Softer World: 1229 (We can do this the hard way or the easy way. *wink*) buy this print ● become our patron