Editor's Notes This is a feminine design knit material boots cut pants the has a classy and stylish design. The simple design wear creates various of design styles that maintains the femininity in various of ways.- Tension material knit boots cut pants- Slight flare enhances feminine wear- Fits according to body shape- Great to style as a every day outfit- Logo in front pocket on the backMeasurements(in.) S / M - Total Length: 41.34 in. / 42.13 in.- Waist band height: 1.38 in. / 1.38 in.- Waist: 25.98 in. / 27.95 in.- Hip: 31.50 in. / 33.46 in.- Thigh: 19.29 in. / 20.28 in.- Hem: 22.83 in. / 23.62 in.- Front rise: 10.43 in. / 10.67 in.-