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LINHAS LEY CORPO HUMANO GLÂNDULAS E O SISTEMA ENDÓCRINO - Portal Arco Íris-Núcleo de Integração e Cura Cósmica

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Magnetic Ley Lines in America | Edgar Cayce’s Map, which is the map used by the UNITED STATES Navy ...

Really like this concept in terms of the the interactive, movements and active direction- holding representations of fitness and being energetic, movements- holding a strong movement, flexible etc..

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Romantic Bedroom Ideas With A Fairytale Feel

Thats a branch with any type of fake flowers,streamers, ribbon!! Or cut cheap leys you can get them at party stores.. Spray paint them a metalic color spray paint. Buy a ley that the flowers wont slide off after you cut it.. Or paint it like i said,but before cutting,then cut an if its a pull apart one, use a pretty ribbon string or fishing line and alternate big beads with your flowers

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Does a Glitch Prove HAARP Weather Manipulation is for a fact being done?

Where Are The Ley Lines On Earth | Does a Glitch Prove HAARP Weather Manipulation is for a fact being ...

"Cat and Mouse," by Margaret Shepherd. The other artworks at the link are amazing, especially the "Woman and Child" ones. She uses nothing but the letters in the words to create images.