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Amei a mistura de cores 😍

The Guardians (From 2012) - "This morning in my journey Nana showed me that I came from my domain as one being or Guardian but was split into parts here, because she said in this domain everything exists as a duality or multiplicity. Nana showed me that I arrived on a ‘ship’ which wasn’t really a ship, but just an energetic collection of Guardians traveling together like streams of light."

These bees swarmed just before I arrived to inspect the hive last Saturday.

"Coup de foudre" ("Love at first sight") by Luc Perrot "The plains of Cafres is a region of Reunion Island close to the volcano, the Piton de la Fournaise, with few houses and little light pollution. Here, the Milky Way appears to split the Tamarind tree. I went 3 times to this place to realize this picture. The first time, nine months ago. The framing was good but the Moon too strong." "The second time, I arrived a bit too late, the Carina Nebula was too close to the horizon to be…

I arrived in Brussels today with the intention of having a rest day. But I'm not quite sure how to rest so I somehow I ended up in the studio for choreography work and a short play. I got to try @doctorkenpoleninja's pretty "vortex" elbow hold and an elbow split thingy that I saw @margaritaokulovaevans do. Yes, my elbow hurts and I've got pole tracks on it.

I went to buy some groceries at the local supermarket in Split. This was a prepacked container of cakes. The selection is amazing. I live in Sydney on the northern beaches and have never seen such a selection. This definitely was interesting to me and filed it away in my brain so I could try to make some when I arrived back home.

I AM ONLY 4 MONTHS OLD… I DON’T DESERVE THE PAIN I’VE BEEN THROUGH… My name is Fu Ming Chu and I have had the most tragic start in life. I am a girl from the streets, having never had a place to call home. I was very sick when I arrived at the Soi Dog shelter. Weak and dehydrated, a fracture to my lower jaw had left me bleeding from the mouth with split gums and broken teeth. I was utterly terrified and I am sorry to say I was very angry with the vets. I didn’t understand they were trying…