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I have a yellow New beetle and it makes me smile when people punch each other because of my car.

omg! was just doing this other day :o its soooo funny to see how different people used to look...haha kyle@Lexi

Multiple times a day I feel this way when he wraps his arms around me.



Its the best thing ever to see my friends and people around me smile, but its even better knowing that it was me who made them smile:)))))

Other people: "My kid only eats organic food." Me: "Well good for you my kid eats Doritos off the floor."

Laughter is the BEST medicine.

but it always feels important: Just Little Things

"That's not true." James said, making a face at the sign. "Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a perfect gentleman. Perfect, yeah. Man, yeah. Gentle, nah."