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Explora 2010, Salamanca e outros!

Sociedad Española de Estudios sobre Hegel. Congreso Internacional (4º. 2010. Salamanca) Derecho, historia y religión. Universidad de Salamanca, 2013

How to Use Online Video to Flip the Classroom Explore how you can use online video to engage students, improve learning and become a cutting edge educator.

The Answer to Anger & Aggression is Patience. We can suppress anger and aggression or act it out, either way making things worse for ourselves and others. Or we can practice patience: wait, experience the anger and investigate its nature. Pema Chödrön takes us step by step through this powerful practice.

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I don’t clean because the house is never dirty

I Don't Clean Because My House Is Never Dirty... I'm doing some research on the dynamic between messy and neat people, and if either type of person is in some way mental, or both are just nromal sides of the spectrum. (In other words, I hope I'm not a crazy disgusting sociopath because cleaning house is not my top value)

A Sociology Blog > a synopsis on how "random sampling and convenience sampling contribute to our understanding of what Pinterest is really about."

Reflections on what teaching experience brings: Looking for problems in the set-up or structure of my lesson when it feels like everyone is failing because of my terrible teaching. Knowing that it's okay to quit doing something that isn't working. Seeking out my students opinions first on how to fix or change things in their classroom....

Q: How do I find the love of my life? (a Mathematician’s perspective) | Ask a Mathematician / Ask a Physicist

Derecho y verdad. Vol. II, Geneaología(s). 1ª ed. Tirant lo Blanch, 2015