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Antigo Túnel da Rede Mineira Viação. #tunnel #ipiabas #valedocafe #iot by lucassiqueira85

Train Travel in the 1800s - The interior of a Rococo period Pullman train car.

Egypt, 750 BCE. The Third Intermediate Period of Ancient Egypt begins with the death of Pharaoh Ramesses XI in 1070 BCE and ends with the foundation of the Twenty-Sixth Dynasty by Psamtik I in 664 BCE. The period was one of decline and political instability, marked by division of the state for much of the period and conquest and rule by foreigners.

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Estou precisando de um maio assim!!!


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hieroglyphs on the pillars of the porch in the temple of Kom Ombo partial view

Awibre Hor 5CC BY 2.0 Juan R. Lazaro - Photo by Juan R. Lazaro source broad collar Part of the treasure discovered in the tomb of Awibre Hor and his daughter Nubhetepti-khered in Dashur. Egyptian Museum, Cairo

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Here's Definitive Proof The Photos Of The Sphinx Covered In Snow Are Fake

Two images of a snow covered Sphinx were widely shared on social media recently (the images appeared after Cairo saw its first snowstorm in many years). However, the photos are actually of a miniature model featured at the Tobu World Square theme park in Japan.

Guardian Statue of Amenhotep II,Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the pharaohs, Page 37

Gilded shrine for statue, KV 62,Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs,