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I have actually done this to my Siri and changed the voice to British Male

{Well said ,Tom Hiddleston, well said. What could I learn:his life philosophy, his compassion, intelligence, optimism. I would enjoy his quick wit,prodigious vocabulary & enthusiasm. And his impeccable manners}

Pepper Potts screenshots, images and pictures - Comic Vine

Myers-Briggs meme: Tony Stark, ENTP -- "The Visionary." Takes “it can’t be done” as a personal challenge. Verbally quick. In-depth understanding of how to improve things. Prizes intelligence in self and others.

super hero facts part 2 sorry had to split it - Album on Imgur

Marvel Motivation Monday- Charles Xavier

"Most of the intelligence don't believe he exists, the ones who do call him the Winter Soldier"

Aya (Hal's mispronunciation of A.I.) is a fictional character, a super-heroine in the DC Comics universe. Created by Bruce Timm she made her first appearance in Green Lantern #64 in 2011. Aya is the most advanced artificial intelligence ever devised, and started off as the A.I. navigator of the Interceptor. Far more than a simple program. Aya showed her true intelligence and learned to use various robotic components and her own green energy to form a body for herself.