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Explora Ao Longo, Presidente Dilma e outros!

Star Wars Battlefront Reveal Trailer...O novo Star Wars Battlefront será lançado em 17 de novembro para PC, PS4 e Xbox One

(Fox News) -- Nearly 30 years after the world’s worst nuclear accident, Chernobyl’s fallout continues to cast a long shadow over Europe. A new study says that wildfires could release radiation that remains in the upper layers of soil in the dense forests near the former nuclear plant in Ukraine The study, led by the Norwegian Institute for Air Research, used satellite images of real fires in 2002, 2008 and 2010, along with measurements of radioactive material detected in the area, to…

Talking Schmidt: Google Glass is a long-term project, too important to scrap

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, believes passionately that the United States needs more skilled foreign workers. He has long advocated increasing the number of so-called H-1B visas, which allow those workers to come to the U.S. for several years and, in many cases, work for lower wages than current employees. Schmidt is frustrated that Congress hasn't done as he and other tech moguls want. In the long list of stupid policies of the U.S. government, I think our attitude toward immigration has…

How Zuckerberg's LLC Could Be More Effective Than Charity

What Is at the Heart of Complaint Against Google?


How Zuckerberg's LLC Could Be More Effective Than Charity

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Russia is offered 'compromises' over the future of Syria's Assad

Mr Obama and Mr Putin have long been at odds about whether Syrian President Bashar Assad can maintain a role following that transition

Edward Snowden has hit out at Dropbox and other services he says are “hostile to privacy,” urging web users to abandon unencrypted communication and adjust privacy settings to prevent governments from spying on them in increasingly intrusive ways. “We are no longer citizens, we no longer have leaders. We’re subjects, and we have rulers,” Snowden told The New Yorker magazine in a comprehensive hour-long interview. There isn’t enough investment into security research, into understanding how…